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Ms. Marshall went on to explain the place of heritage in the Company’s plans for the future of Bradford, stressing the significance of Bradford’s City Centre Design Guide soon to be put to the public for consultation. Peter Bembridge, managing director of the Property Valuation Melbourne, Civic Trust welcomed the new civic society. It joins a civic society movement which currently comprises over 800 individual societies and a combined membership in excess of 250,000 individuals. Attendees voiced their views on what a vision for Bradford’s future should include – and they emphasized economic regeneration of the city center, including job opportunities and housing provision for young people.

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Many companies continue to wait for an opportunity to invest in China. Shanghai, in particular, has benefited from the relocation of a number of multi-national companies, particularly those in the financial and service industries by property valuers perth. The larger office markets within Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth have experienced a downturn in white-collar employment growth since 2000. Much of this stems from the heady rates of employment growth in 1999/00 and the slowdown in the global economy. Sydney and Perth have been the most affected by global maladies. In Sydney, this is due to the quantum of financial services and technology businesses residing in Australia’s largest city and in Perth, this is due to a heavy concentration of mining companies. Vacancy rates have risen to 8.6 percent in Sydney CBD, 7.8 percent in Melbourne CBD and 11.1 percent in Perth CBD. Rents have fallen within these markets, although the weight of funds chasing investment is holding values. Brisbane and Canberra remain the healthiest markets with vacancy rates of 5.6 percent and 4.7 percent respectively. Adelaide is fairly stable with a vacancy rate in the core of 11 percent. Nonetheless, the expense of trusts and obligation is going up and, therefore, CAP rates are climbing. New construction in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth CBDs is expected to outstrip demand over the next few years. Vacancy rates are forecast to peak mid-decade around 12 to 13 percent in Melbourne, 10 percent in Sydney CBD, 9 percent in Brisbane CBD and 15 percent in Perth CBD. Canberra and Adelaide are the only markets facing a construction pipeline over the next few years with vacancies forecast to fall slowly.

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